Surfboard is a network proxy tool on Android platform, compatible with some fields of Surge config profile.

Surfboard is now on Alpha test stage.

On recent version [Ver. 0.8.6 (27)] following Surge features are supported:

Some features are linked to a Surge manual page, that means the usage of that feature is same as Surge config, you can follow the configuration with Surge manual page.

  • [General] field, for define udp-relay /dns-server /skip-proxy.

  • [Proxy] field, Socks5 /HTTP /HTTPS /Shadowsocks(with simple-obfs) proxy protocols are supported, you can use「direct」or「reject」as a proxy as well.

  • [Proxy Group] field, only Select Groups are supported for now.

  • [Rule] field, only Domain-based Rule /IP-based Rule /Final Rule are supported for now.

  • [Host] field, IPv4 and server rules are supported.