Features will NOT supported

  • MitM: As some apps use certification verification, MitM will not work.

  • ShadowsocksR: The protocol development had stoped.

  • Surfboard developer intend to follow protocols Surge supported, other protocols such as V2ray/SSRR/Brook may not be supported.

Can't get VPN access?

disable your "always on VPN",then you can trigger Surfbord VPN access.

Disable netspeed monitor on Notification bar?

  • If you are on old Android versions (6.0 or older), there will be a toggle to disable monitor on setting tab(if you are using Flyme, just give up, don't ask why).

  • If you are on stock 7.0 or above, you need to use a system-wide feature calld "Power notification controls" (if you are using Samsung's 7.0-based Android Phone,go Oreo or just give up this method).

  • Otherwise, you can just disable Surfboard's notification.